7 Steps to a Thai Marriage Visa

7 Steps to a Thai Marriage Visa

Acquiring a Thailand marriage visa can be very difficult with all its requirements and sudden changes in immigration policies. But such does not apply to those who know the best practices and methods of obtaining such visa. The following steps outline how applicants can easily take hold of this particular travel document.

Checking of one’s financial status – It is a well-known fact that the Thailand marriage visa has a financial requirement. Therefore, there is a strong need for both the applicant and petitioner to determine whether they are capable of meeting the financial conditions of this visa. Should they encounter any problems regarding such situation, they better think twice before filing an application. But in case they have all the means to do so, then they can proceed with the application.

Determining one’s eligibility – Despite of the fact that some couples are financially capable, this does not guarantee the visa’s approval. If their marriage is invalid or they are not yet married but are pretending to be one, their applications can be denied. They must meet all the conditions if they want to be with their spouses in Thailand. Acquire document certification – Financial-related documents require certification. Such confirms that the documents presented are authentic and genuine.

Collect and gather the requirements – It is best to complete all the needed documents before accomplishing the application form. Once all paper work has been gathered, the applicant has all the time to double-check. In many instances, incomplete forms result to denial.

Complete the application form – As much as possible, do not leave blank fields when answering the forms. Always practice honesty when providing information. There are instances wherein applicants might get confused in accomplishing these forms. In this case, legal assistance is highly encouraged. But more than lending a helping hand in document filing, legal professionals may also assess one’s situation and render some insights on how to expedite the whole process.

Pay the appropriate fees – The fee for single-entry visas is pegged at $65. On the other hand, charges for multiple-entry visas cost $175. Applicants from the United States have the option to send fee payments via money order or via going directly to the Thai Embassy in Washington. Lodge the application at the embassy and wait for the visa approval. The above-mentioned steps may sound too simple and easy. But these can assure the applicant that all their efforts shall not go into waste.

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