90 Day reporting in Thailand

90 Day reporting in Thailand

If you have a 12 month marriage visa or you have a work permit in Thailand or a 12 month retirement visa then you need to report to Thai immigration every 90 days to confirm or update your current address. The enforcement of this used to be lax however over the last 2 years they have become very strict about this requirement.

Note that you do not need to go to Thai immigration in person. You can send someone to do this for you or do it via registered mail.

Procedure and Notification:

  1. You have to make the notification in person, or
  2. You authorise another person to make the visa notification, or
  3. You can make the visa notification by registered mail.
  4. Note that this is done within 15 days before or after 7 days the period of 90 days.
  5. The first application for extension of stay is equivalent to staying 90 days.


Offices accepting notification:

  1. Any Thai immigration office in Thailand
  2. If you are in Bangkok you can go to Bangkok Immigration
  3. For special Labor from Laos , Cambodia and Myanmar contact at Immigration Soi SuaPlu


Notification by registered mail

  1. Photocopy of passport pages with following pages
    – front page showing name / surname / Passport No., ect.
    – current visa
    – last entry stamp of immigration
    – last extension of visa
  2. Photocopy of departure card TM.6
  3. Previous notifications of staying over 90 days (if any)
  4. Completely filled in and signed notification Form TM.47
  5. Envelope with 10 Baht stamp affixed and return address
  6. The above mentioned documents must be sent by registered mail