Deportation & Fines

Deportation & Fines

This is more likely than not a post which you would not need to read however it is of interest to know what normally happens when you break the immigration laws in Thailand. We have listed the current fines for certain common offenses and deportation procedures in Thailand.

Overstay in Thailand

The fine is currently 500THB per day to a maximum of 20,000 THB.

90 Day late reporting

If you do not do your 90 day reporting the fine is 2,000THB. If you are arrest for not reporting the fine is 4,000THB according to Thai Immigration in Chiang Mai. So ensure that you complete your 90 day reporting as listed here.

Overstaying and Deportation

When you get arrested you will be taken to the Thai Immigration Center for processing. They normally split people in the holding cells according to ‘type’. They will place Cambodian with Cambodians and Westerns with Westerns if they can accommodate the setup. This ensures that there are no misunderstands and fights in the cells. The cells are small and cramped and you are normally out of there to appear before court where they will issue you with your fine. As soon as this is paid and you have an airline ticket out – Thai immigration will handcuff you and take you to the airport a few hours before your plane departs. Before you leave for the airport they will allow someone to bring you fresh clothing and you are allowed to take a shower before you leave. They will only uncuff you when you board the plane. From the experience of many the process is not humiliating and very professionally done. Not something you would want to do though so don’t overstay your visa! Thai Immigration does not normally ban you from the country and you can return again. Oh, don’t forget there isĀ  a charge of 800THB for the airport ride!

If you have been convicted of a crime such as murder in Thailand and served jail you will be banned from entering Thailand again.

If you have been arrested in Thailand always ensure that you have a lawyer who can assist and contact the embassy or your family at home to arrange money or an airline ticket. Worst case if you have been caught with drugs – you will need a lawyer as the court proceedings are in Thai and there is no legal aid in Thailand!