Moving to Thailand on Marriage Visa

Moving to Thailand on Marriage Visa

If you are married to a Thai national and wanting to settle in Thailand then we will provide you with the procedures of moving to Thailand after you got married in Thailand. The are time limits on the moving process as there are restrictions with regard to when and how your goods arrive in Thailand.

First – Obtain a 90 day Thai Marriage Visa

The process has been explained before on this website here. You provide the Thai embassy with the needed documents such as a copy of your marriage certificate, copy of your wife’s ID card and also a copy of your wife’s Tabian Baan. Depending on where you apply this can be an overnight process such as in Laos or a 5 day process as in Cambodia.

Second – Extend the Marriage Visa in Thailand

Once you have the 90 day visa you need to show Thai immigration all the documents again and some more as listed here. Once this has been submitted with the financial requirements met you now have a 12 month marriage visa. Its a 3-4 week wait for this to be done. Now comes the time limit!

Thirdly – Bringing in your household goods from home

You have 6 months to bring your goods into Thailand after the visa has been granted. The goods you bring in must be used goods as any new goods found during inspection will be viewed as taxable. You need to find an import agent to manage this for you as it is much easier. You need to provide him with a letter for Thai immigration to confirm your 12 month visa status, a copy of your passport and also a waybill and list of goods which will be arriving. Note you cannot bring in a car duty free and you cannot bring in more than one item – normally. As an example you cannot bring in 2 television sets. The import procedures has been explained here.

Normally when you have a law firm extend you visa for you they will be able to recommend a freight agent in Thailand and ensure that you have the needed documents from Thai immigration for the goods to enter Thailand duty free.